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Toy Display Shelving

Toy Display Shelving

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Dimensions: 1050mm H x 800mm W x 400mm D  (Weight 8kgs) The Toy Shelf has 3 Display Shelves Made from Permium Plywood, OAK or WHITE. My Handy Helper comes as a Flat Pack for Self Assembly. Dont worry its Very Easy!  Australian Made

Enhance the enchanting ambiance of a nursery or children's bedroom by incorporating the Toyshelf, a delightful addition to create a haven for childhood.

The Toyshelf offers a dynamic platform for children to actively engage with the captivating objects displayed upon it. Whether it's toys, books, clothes, pencils, or any other cherished item, our shelf empowers little ones with the freedom to make their own choices, fostering a sense of independence.

For optimal organization and aesthetic appeal, consider pairing the Toyshelf with the Hanging Shelf, specially designed to complement each other seamlessly. Sharing the same size and shape, these shelves harmoniously coexist side by side, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.

Furthermore, we proudly craft our Toyshelf in Australia, ensuring exceptional quality and supporting local artisans.

Please note that toys and accessories are not included, allowing you the freedom to personalize the shelves according to your child's unique preferences and interests.

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